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K1NG 0F F1GHT3RS 2013

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1 K1NG 0F F1GHT3RS 2013 on Sun Dec 16, 2012 3:18 am



Flood Features:
* 4 x 5 = 20 Set Multy

* 4 Set Multy Login At A Time

* Right Click to load set multy

* Super Fast Multy Login Speed

* Super Fast Bullet Speed AEC flood = Auto Emote Change Flood

* AC Flood = Auto Count Flood

* Slang Target Flood (Which Will Abuse Targeted ID) --editable--

* 320 TEXT Flood

Kick Features:
* TRK = Text Roll Kick (Multy Will Enter room, Send Text, Kick Target And Leave)

* RK = Roll Kick (Multy Will Enter Room Kick Target And Left)

* ENTER KICK = IDs Will Enter Room Kick Target And Stay

* Super Speed Targeted Kick (No Miss)

* Double Right Click On Target Box To Get Kick Feature

Multy Chat Features:
* Auto Chat Multy IDz (Editable Text)

* 1 by 1 ID control

* Auto Count Multy IDs

* Manual ID Control

* Long Chat List

* Editable Interval

Multy Chat Features:
* Single ID Control

* Single ID Flood

* Single ID AEC Flood

* Selectable ID With ID Name

* Long Chat List

* Selectable Interval (Micro Second)

Extra Features:
* On top

* Auto Keep Alive Multy

* Auto Login Set 1-2

* Auto Login Set 3-4

* Login With 4.2 / 4.5

* Hide Multy IDs

* Super Fast Auto Enter (Challange Any Other Tool)

* Touch Kick

* Auto Kick Vote On Target ID

* Auto Login Spy ID

* Auto Get List

* PING IP Automatically

* Easy Multy Settings

* Auto Show Level, Banalce, Country, Gender, Mobile Number, Data Buffer With Login IDs

* Auto LogOut Multy If any 1 ID got Admin Kick

* Fast Auto Leave Multy On Kick Start

* Fast Auto Leave Spy ID on Kick Start

* Force Left Multy ( It will Relog Multy In Bullet Speed When U Need Emergency Multy Leave)

* Easy Save Flood Text

* Easy Load Flood Text

* Comfortable Chat Box

Spy Feature:
* Auto Enter Next ID if Running One Kicked

* Unlimited IDs Login

* KeyPress Text Send (Hit "Enter" For Send Text Room)

* Fast Clear Text Box (Double Click Text Box To Clear Text)

* Fast Send Text

* Easy Multy Save

* Show Status If Room Full, ID Banned e.t.c

* Super Fast Auto Enter Spy

* Automatic Disable Auto Enter Spy After Enter Room

Link: tiny.cc/kof

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