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Turbo Adm1n cracked

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1 Turbo Adm1n cracked on Mon Jun 25, 2012 4:13 am


* Clone login 1 to 100
* PowerFull Series and rendom multy detector
* Powerfull Roll Flood and Multy Detector
* Kick/ban Roll Flood based on level
* Record All recently Rolled And ban/unban all
* Auto Kick All entered If 4 - 12 id enters in room at a time
* Auto Kick/ban Detected Multy
* Auto Kick/ban All Recent enter.
* Auto Kick Black Listed
* Set Maximum Text And Auto Kick if Maximum Text Lenght Crosses
* Set Minimum Level For Enter In Room
* Set Unlimited Ban/unban Target
* 5 Types oF unlimited ban / 2 types of unlimited unban
* Kick On Same Text Detect
* Auto Warn on bad Words
* Auto kick on bad Words
* Auto ban on bad Words
* Auto Group ban on bad Words
* Lock / Unlock / silent Chat Room In One click
* Easy Announce maker
* Auto Count And Inform About Recent Text Lenght
* Auto Count And Inform About Total Kicked Occerd In room
* Auto Count And Inform About Total Baned Occerd In room
* Auto wellcome (Editable)
* Auto leave gc
* Auto Stop Bot
* Auto Bot gf
* Send Winamp Update In ChatRoom (Editable)
* Right Click on User List for kick
* Ban on List Click
* Group Ban on List Click
* Protect List
* Bomb Kick / ban / Group ban
* Unlimited pvt And group Chat
* Auto Winamp Updater
* Use like a Messenger
* Auto Getlist
* kick single id
* Add moderator
* Dmod Single id
* Ban single id
* Unban single id
* Group ban single id
* Group unban single id
* Ip Resolver

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